Month: September 2018

5 of My Favorite Interview Questions

It is a very difficult time to find good employees these days. The unemployment rate is extremely low, business is booming, and everyone is fighting for the same talent. Still, you need to make sure that whoever you hire is a good fit.

Here are 5 of my favorite interview questions to try and dig a little deeper:

  • What is your single best trait or Super Power in one word?
  • If I asked somebody else, “He is a very good guy, but…”… what would they say?
  • What stresses you out?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? This one is particularly good if it is related to the job they are applying for…do they love it so much they even do it in their spare time?
  • Why do you want to work here? And a follow up…based on your knowledge of the current opportunity in the market, if you were our CEO, what one thing would you focus on?

Give ’em a whirl. You can’t always vet perfectly, so some will slip through the cracks that shouldn’t have, but hopefully some of these questions help a bit. Any others that you really like, please share.

Creating Separation from the Competition Step by Step

Football season has officially kicked off and you’ll be hearing a lot about wide receivers needing to create separation from opposing defenses to get themselves open. Same applies in business…you have to put a little distance between you and your competitors so you can get out in front of them and make your breakaway.

So, how do you go about creating this separation from your competitors. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is the one thing that you do amazingly well? What makes you unique in the way that you do it? Are these 2 things stuck in the past or the way of the future?
  2. Who, specifically, is your target audience? Do they know you for the things you describe in your answers to the questions above?
  3. Who is your competition?
    1. What is your position on the ladder in this space?
    1. Does your competition know you exist?
    1. What are your competitors doing successfully/unsuccessfully?

Once you answer these questions, pick the one thing that makes you unique to your customers and separates you from your competitors, carve out this niche with your target audience…and then run a giant truck through it! It really isn’t much harder than that.

The Power of ONE

What is “The Power of ONE”? This is how you create separation from your competition…not by focusing on a thousand things or measuring a thousand different KPIs. Pick ONE thing to focus on…What is your ONE Superpower, Pick ONE Word that describes what you do and hammer it home to your target customers, then measure how you are doing by the ONE metric that gives you that multiplier effect and creates a snowball that can’t be stopped.

Then focus on your 1,000 True Fans ONE-by-ONE (this is the only place I recommend you focus on more than ONE…having just ONE customer is great when it’s great and the kiss of death when it stumbles), get ONE small win then another and then another, strive to get ONE 1% better every day, and soon you will be hitting it out of the park and creating miles of separation between you and your competitors.

That’s “The Power of ONE”!