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Who is your ideal customer?

Here’s a good starting place for creating a little separation between you and your competitors…choose your clients as carefully as you choose your friends. If you properly target your clients, you will discover that you no longer have to work with A-holes. However, you have to have a concrete picture of what that ideal customer looks like. You have to know what your customers are attempting to solve when they buy your product/service. What are you really selling… peace of mind, status, pain relief? You need an ideal prospect profile: what they want + their problem + how they buy + the best way to communicate with them… why do people buy what you’re selling?!

Who is NOT your ideal customer?

Once you know who is your ideal customer, now it is time to ID those that are not. Some customers may have been a bad fit from the start, but in many cases it is just that your customers’ needs have changed over time and so has your focus… what once may have been beautiful just doesn’t work anymore. You need to ID these customers. Who are the customers that you no longer make a profit on, don’t respect the value you bring, don’t pay on time, and overall just don’t do their part. If you don’t root them out they can destroy your entire business.

It is a big world out there… you can proudly leave out 99% of it! It is completely okay to confidently exclude people and proudly say what you are not. Also know that when your target 1% hears you excluding the other 99%, they will become even more enamored with you.

Get rid of duds

Get rid of your dud clients. You don’t have to fire them but you do have to find a better fit… you may even be able to refer them to a colleague who may be a better fit. All relationships naturally cycle, those that are a good fit today may not be so tomorrow. Try to filter out unsuitable clients upfront… tell potential customers what you are/aren’t in your marketing and sales material

Now, hyperfocus on those ideal customers…who are your 1,000 True Fans?!

Make it crystal clear in every thing you do who is/isn’t your ideal client and watch your revenues and profits climb and headaches disappear.